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1 – PAPER : Kraft paper for HPL has absorption capacity suitable for resins. Kraft paper may be made of recycled fibres.

Decor paper  providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The decorative layers can be pigmented solid colours or more unique patterns using gravure roll or digital printing technologies such as wood grains, stone patterns and individual designs.

2 – IMPREGNATION: Kraft paper and decor paper are made in large rolls. In continuous horizontal machinary the paper is unwound, immersed into the resin bath, saturated with resin and then dried. The dry paper, filled with still reactive resin, is cut to sheets and stored in conditioned rooms

3 – PRESSING : The multilayer sheets are loaded under hydraulic pressure and heated up to over 120 ° C. The heat causes a liquefaction process of the melamine and phenolic resins. That forms a homogenous rigid, completely cross-linked network in the form of the sheet. The result is a non-porous laminate with a perfect finisishes. 

4 – TRIMMING AND SANDING : The laminates are unloaded from the press, and made a quality check. The length and width of the laminate are trimming and sanding to the required size. The sheets guaratee an estetic and the safety of the product.  

5 – WAREHOUSE : A warehouse with a with large storage racks, handling equipment and personnel and management resources, allows us to control the differences between the incoming flow of goods and the outgoing flow of goods.  

6 – SHIPPING : Shipments are fast and guarantee the safety of the material transported. Furthermore, through our 4 warehouses we can deliver laminate to all regions of Italy.


HPL is a thermosetting composite material based on a surface layer of colored paper impregnated with melamine briquettes and several inner layers of Kraft paper impregnated with resin phenol. All these layers are pressed and heated simultaneously and then cooled to achieve high durability and quality sheets at the end of the process.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is manufactured through multiple stages of impregnated paper under high pressure and temperature to create a hard wearing, durable and hygienic surfacing material.