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EN 438-3 High-pressure decorative laminates (HPL) – Sheets based on thermosetting resins. This European Standard applies to laminates  using a high pressure process, normally intended for bonding to supporting substrates to produce HPL composite panels and establishes a classification system for high-pressure decorative laminates according to their performance and main recommended fields of application.

HPL HAMS LAMINATI consists almost entirely of post-consumer recycled Kraft paper and recycled raw materials are used for its production

By selecting HAMS low emitting VOC laminates: architects, designers, facilities managers,  and builders can help to improve the indoor air quality of their projects

Formaldehyde is a CARCINOGENIC chemical present in most wood-based materials  used in furniture (chipboard, MDF and plywood).

The appropriate use of HPL Hams Laminati allows to maintain the emission 

class of the wood-based panels unchanged, without the need for further tests.

HAMS Laminati comply with the requirements of the European 

Regulations REACH (EU 1907/2006) and RoHS